Обзорная по Одессе с экскурсией по оперному

The living breath of the theater: secrets and mysteries of the Odessa Opera

This time, we will not only explore the history of the theater and witness its brilliant splendor and style but also peek behind the scenes. You will discover all the details of the technical side of the theater’s operation:

  • How the theater ‘breathes’ – the functioning of ventilation;
  • How the jacks that raise the necessary stage platforms work;
  • Where the decorations for performances are stored;
  • You will visit the orchestra pit, learn about its arrangement, and sit on the musicians’ chairs;
  • See the prompter’s box;
  • Witness the miraculous staircase used annually to clean the unique chandelier of the Opera;
  • Learn about the construction of the ballet floor – the only one in Ukraine. If possible, we will also take a look at the costume workshop.

You will step onto the stage and feel like a true artists!

If you wish to enjoy our beautiful Opera, give us a call Viber / WhatsApp: +380973305553