катакомбы Одессы

Legends of the Underground Labyrinth: secret entrances, communication wells, and a machine gun

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This incredible tour will take you on a fantastic journey to the secrets hidden underground.

You’ll gain access to places closed to the general public. The catacombs are woven with an immense number of secret passages, but you’ll be accompanied by an expert guide, so don’t worry: this journey will be safe for you!

Even Fidel Castro once asked to be taken to the catacombs. He wanted to study guerrilla warfare tactics. 🙂
But when he learned that the length of our Odesa catacombs is about 2,500 kilometers, he decided to limit his visit to the catacomb museum and explore only 850 meters.

Let’s also walk these 850 meters!

At every step, there are so many riddles and mysteries that the impressions will last a long time!

How does the catacomb tour happen?

We start the tour where it’s convenient for you: from the hotel, from the train stations – either the railway or bus station, even from the airport, in the city center, from any place on the map of Odessa. First, we pass through Moldavanka – once the «criminal belly of Odessa,» Although it’s more of a myth than reality. Nevertheless, Mishka Yaponchik lived here, and until recently, it was scary to walk the streets and alleys of Moldavanka in the evening.

After Moldavanka, we leave the city and drive 14 kilometers along the Kyiv highway to the village of Nerubayske.

This village is historical; the name itself decrypts the affiliation of its first residents – Cossacks who settled here after the dissolution of the Zaporizhian Sich and promised not to fight with sabers – not to wage war.

As you already know, the catacombs in Odessa are everywhere, and they stretch beyond the city – saying 2,500 km at the most modest estimates is impressive! And the village of Nerubayske is also situated on the catacombs. Here was our partisan unit, left to fight during the Second World War. In the 1960s, the only official catacomb museum was founded here, and to this day, there is no shortage of visitors – everyone is interested in this history. By the way, the excursion will not only be about partisans: after all, their story did not start during the occupation but during the active construction of Odessa. And considering that Odesa, from its early years, is primarily a port, it is understandable that smuggling, criminal activities, and other examples of criminal content were prevalent. But let’s get back to the museum itself.

In the underground part – located at a depth of up to 19 meters underground, where the main part is located, we will visit such sections.

  •  tire
  • bedroom
  • classroom
  •  headquarters
  • workshops
  • barricade
  •  bath
  • well
  • hospital

Want to get a full sense of the atmosphere of the catacombs? Ask the guide to turn off the lights for a minute, and you’ll spend a few minutes in complete silence and darkness! Believe me, it’s impressive!

After visiting the underground museum, you will enter the aboveground one – where information about the partisan struggle is collected, there are photos and other exhibits. What else is interesting on the excursion to the Nerubayske catacombs: — Recently, the only underground art gallery in Ukraine was placed there: paintings created with special paints, as it is damp and dark in the catacombs;

Next to the museum, a private museum of a personal collection of weapons and more has opened: Serhiy Navrotsky has already collected over 1,500 exhibits for his local lore museum. You will learn a lot of interesting information about this region – it is collected with love!


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